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RW1 Mobile iPad Cart

Designed by medical professionals and extensively tested at a busy Emergency Room, this cart is ideal for hospitals, clinics, and other medical settings, for use in VRI (Video Remote Interpreting), Telemedicine, and more. This device features a 24" wheel base which offers great stability, an external speaker for better sound, concealed cables, a sturdy iPad tilting enclosure, and a 10' hospital grade charging cord.

Power and Audio Cables

L-shaped charging and audio cables are hidden from view when looking directly at the screen. The cables do not stick out from the sides of the iPad, providing a more streamlined look and preventing them from being pulled out.



Every cart is equipped with a powerful speaker that lasts for up to 24 hours on a single charge. This dramatically improves the user experience.

Profile and iPad Enclosure

The sturdy aluminum iPad enclosure tilts up and down, keeping the iPad securely attached to the pole and helping prevent damage.

The RW1's low profile allows it to fit in tight spaces (24"base).

Shipping and Assembly

The RW1 ships in 2 boxes. Attach the pole to the base, iPad to the mount, and that's it! Assembly takes less than 5 minutes to complete.



  • Black Aluminum enclosure securely attached to pole.

  • 24” heavy duty die cast aluminum with base 5 quite rubberized casters.

  • 45” height from ground to center of the screen. Heavy duty chrome pole.

  • L-shaped lightning charging cable.

  • L-shaped audio cable connected to external speaker.

  • 10' Hospital grade power cord.

  • Speaker securely attached under rectangular enclosure box. Always on. 24 hours on a single charge

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